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Welcome home to the most authentic safariing experience you will ever encounter in Africa.

Kenya Epic Safaris

Kenya Epic Safaris is a home-grown tour company based in Nairobi subsequently we major in all matters travel across the East African region. Our main niche is wildlife safaris in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.

We pride ourselves to provide above board services and wonderful thrilling holidays. Basically our tours encompass the imagination of every tourist who seeks an adventure in East Africa.

Kenya Safari Specialist

Our specialty is wildlife safaris, bespoke tours, mountain climb expeditions, adventure walks and hiking trips, beach holidays and car hire services. This en compasses prior booking of hotels, desired touristic marvels and assorted modes of transport desired by the client such as safari vans and 4×4 land cruisers jeeps.

We oversee the day to day activities that our clients wish to undertake. Simultaneously we advise them accordingly in terms of the best time to embark on different safaris. Epic game viewing experience, boat rides, balloon safaris, walking trekking adventures, air travel and putting together camping gear for mountain climbing and outdoor camping are just a few of the activities our clients rise up to while on holiday.

Kenya Safari Logistics

We efficiently plan your safari vacation taking into account your preference in terms of accommodation, desired touristic sites and the composition of fellow tour members. Equally important the prior plans makes the safari tour packages more thrilling and appealing to the client.

Your visit to Africa will never be the same no matter how many times you travel to East Africa. The region boasts of many resources such as amazing parks and reserves that all have something unique to marvel at. Subsequently the unique wildlife species and prehistoric sites that depict the history of the region make up for a magical safari adventure.

East Africa As A Tourist Destination

The immaculate white sandy beaches of Mombasa and Zanzibar offer you immense tranquility that styles for an impeccable getaway. to just relax and set your mind free into utopia. Ukunda beach has been voted several times as the best beach in Africa by the prestigious world travel awards.

We call upon you to give us the opportunity to consolidate your dream holiday tour and all that will be left on you is to sit, unwind and enjoy the best that Africa has to offer. The region is vast and a world class holiday destination. There is something for everyone and on any budget.

Kenya epic safaris understand that the best marketing tool out there is “word of mouth”. In this relation, we make sure that our services meet the desired standard and in return, we are assured of repeat clients as well as recommendations to potential clients.

Contact us today and begin the journey to your dream African vacation.

Kenya Epic Safaris

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