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Long Term Car Leasing

Long Term Car Leasing


Are you looking for reliable and affordable long term car leasing services? Find the latest vehicle models & competitive car hire deals in the market. Choose from a wide range of makes and models to find the most ideal vehicle to hire.

Long term car lease is a service designed with the corporate world in mind, businesses, ngo’s, government agencies, private agencies and exploration companies. We understand that maintaining your own fleet can sometimes be a daunting task and renting cars on a long term basis becomes an ideal option.

Kenya Car Rental

Our car hire business provides real time solutions on vehicle leasing.  As a matter of fact our impeccable services are designed to offer reliability, comfort and value for money while traveling in Kenya. Above all our vehicles are clean, air conditioned and we maintain the cars to a very high standard. Furthermore our cars are leased on unlimited mileage inclusive of insurance.


We go above board to make sure we meet your needs when it comes to the appropriate vehicle to hire and where you want to travel. The number of people in the group and other requirements like camping equipment to facilitate family holidays, weekend road trips or business travel enhace the experience.

In keeping up with the industry best practices, we always have a hands-on team of professionals ready to give you the necessary services. Subsequently we offer sound advice and car hire tips so as to make an informed decision on the right car to hire. Rent a car in Kenya on long term vehicle lease.

Lease A Car

We lease out vehicles on multiple days, weekly, monthly or annual basis. If you require vehicles to undertake exploration or to do charity work anywhere in Kenya, then you are at the right place to find the ideal vehicle that suits your needs.

Contact us today for a consult on the appropriate vehicle to hire that can meet your family, group or individual needs. Book and drive away across the country in comfort.

Kenya Long Term Car Leasing

Car Features

  • Gasoline Car
  • Automatic
  • Air Conditioner
  • AM/FM Stereo Radio
  • Tracking System

Available Categories

  • Saloon Cars
  • Mid Size Suvs
  • Large Suvs
  • Vans
  • Coaster Buses

Car Capacity

People: Max 5 – 25
Luggage: 3 – 30 Bags

Note: This depends on the vehicle model.

Long Term Car Hire

Long term car leasing is based on unlimited mileage.Undoubtedly a combination of power and style and can be used in Metropolitan areas and off/dirt roads due to its high ground clearance. Additionally we can extend chauffeur services on request at an extra cost.

Gas stations [Petrol Stations] in Kenya are not self service, normally you have an attendant who fuels the car depending on how much gas you require.

Long Term Car Leasing Pros & Cons

Competitive Price

Kenya has a lot of car hire businesses and most of them are based in Nairobi. What’s more the companies have offices in major towns like Mombasa and Kisumu. Kenya epic safaris car has diversified its car hire services to cover not only Kenya but Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. We offer really good deals and a wide range of cars that meet the desired car hire service for every customer.

Car Hire Affordability

As you travel across East Africa you will find that when you rent an appropriate vehicle it is very cost effetive. With this in mind you are bound to explore the country, undertake a safari, travel for business or just leisure at ease. Additionally you don’t have to pay for insurance, maintenance or mechanical check-ups since that cost is coverered.

Freedom of movement

Without a doubt car hire services give you flexibility with your schedule. What’s more you can decide where you want to visit on a day to day basis. Consequently you get to manage the time of travel unlike packaged tours which are set from the word go. Surely this means you have more time to enjoy yourself on your trip. Hire a reliable car from a trusted car rental company like Kenya epic safaris.

Quality of Car Hire Services

Upon arrival in Kenya; the reserved vehicle can be picked at the airport. Nevertheless we can delivered the car to any location of choice within Nairobi. However, if we deliver a car to any other town; that service will be at an extra cost.

Car Hire Comfort

Hire an appropriate vehicle that allows you to visit remote places in Kenya. Altogether you can also visit hidden trails, the country’s gems and sceneries or restaurants. Enjoy panoramic views as you drive to places that are not easily accesible by a taxi or a bus.

The feeling of jetting into the country and you find a car at the railway station or the airport is just refreshing. On the contrary; once you land at the airport and try to source for a reliable car hire company but that can be a dounting task. Contact us for a seamless long term car leasing.

Long Term Car Hire Requirements

Driving License

Driver must have a driver’s license for not less than a minimum of 2 years. Equally important the license must bear no current endorsements for that period. A driver’s license from the country of residence or an international driver’s permit is generally acceptable

The driver must be over 23 years of age and under 70 years of age. Additionally proper means of identification other than a driver’s license are required. You can produce a valid ID or Passport.

Long Term Car Rental Terms


Payments can be made in cash, wire transfer or via credit card in local or foreign currencies.

Fuel Policy

All vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel at the start of the hire. However there are provisions where we mark the level of fuel upon delivery of the vehicle. Subsequently when you return the vehicle the fuel gauge should be slightly lower or higher.

Excess Deposit

Without a doubt this is a fully refundable deposit which covers any damage to the vehicle during the period of hire. The hirer will be refunded the full excess deposit upon return of the vehicle in the same condition at the commencement of the hire.

Border Crossing

Written authorization should be obtained from Kenya Epic Safaris if the hirer wants to cross the border. Our rental vehicles can be allowed into Tanzania and Uganda as long as proper documentation is presented. Kenya Epic Safaris will not accept any responsibility if the hirer is denied cross border entry.

A cross border insurance fees is applicable and the fee depends on the number of travelers aboard the vehicle. Another key point is that cross border formalities can only arranged by Kenya Epic Safaris. At the same time prior information and notice should be provided at least 48hrs before the border cross day. Any other cross border charges are payable directly at the custorms office.

Chauffeur Services

We charge chauffeur services at the rate of US$ 15 per day inclusive of meals within Nairobi or Mombasa towns. Above all this services is provided within the hours of 08:00 hrs to 18:00hrs. It is important to note that every hour past that is charged at US$ 4.

As for any other towns the chauffeur services will be charged at US$ 28 per day inclusive of meals and accommodation. This service also applys within the hours of 08:00 hrs to 18:00hrs. Overtime will be charged at US$ 5 for every extra hour.


The hirer should ensure that the hired vehicle is locked when unattended. He or she must also ensure that the vehicle is parked at a secure location.

For instance if CDW or TPI insurance is declined, the hirer financial responsibility will be the total cost of the damage. On the hand if CDW is accepted by the insurance company the hirer has no responsibility for the damage. It is equally important to note that Kenya Epic Safaris does not allow its cars to be driven to North Eastern region of Garisa and Maralal.

In case there is an urgent need for such a journey, Kenya Epic Safaris should be informed before hand so as seek police escort at an extra fees.

Car Hire Insurance

Theft Protection Insurance(TPW)
The Hirer’s liability for theft of the vehicle is automatically covered subject to the terms and conditions of the car hire contract.

Collision Damage Waiver(CDW)
The Hirer’s liability for damage to the vehicle is automatically covered subject to the terms and conditions of the car hire contract. Damage to tyres, windscreen and underneath of the vehicle is not covered.

Excess Liability Waiver(ELW)
Excess waiver is available for certain vehicles. This insurance cover protects the hirer/driver of having to pay any excess fees brought about by damage and /or loss to the vehicle.

Car Rental Cancellation

We are excited to confirm your reservation. If for any reason you need to cancel, please be sure to do so in accordance with our cancellation policy. If you don’t cancel and fail to collect your vehicle at the specified time, we cannot offer a refund. However we are happy to hold the vehicle for you for 4 hours after your reservation time. Keep in mind that our cancellation policy applies in this case too. 

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