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Mombasa Safaris

Mombasa Safaris


Discover various Mombasa safaris crafted for the tourist based in Mombasa town, south coast or north coast. It’s very convenient for travelers to visit Tsavo west, Tsavo east and Amboseli for a few days and get back to the coast to enjoy the sandy white beaches.

Tsavo West & East National Parks

Both Tsavo west & Tsavo east are the biggest parks in Kenya separated by the Nairobi – Mombasa highway. Both parks have plenty of wildlife and abundant bird life. Other attractions include Mzima springs, five sister hills, Shetan lava flow, Luggard falls, Aruba Dam, Yatta Plateau and Mudanda Rock.

Amboseli National Parks

Amboseli; commonly referred to as “Kilimanjaro royal court”. The Park is famous for its big game, such as lions, cheetahs, baboons and large elephant herds that traverse the savannahs in search of water holes or grounds to feed on. The park also offers an amazing view of Mt Kilimanjaro peaks which are visible early morning on a clear day.

Mombasa Luxury Accommodation

We have a wide range of lodges you can choose from depending on your budget, preference in terms of comfort-ability. Additionally tranquility is paramount and the location can either be secluded or close to local communities. Our sales personnel come in handy to offer guidance so that you can make the appropriate choice.

Amenities in the lodges include swimming pools, conference centres, Wi-Fi, satellite TV, gift shops, saunas and spa treatment. Luxury tented camps also lie in this category.

Cuisine ranges from a la carte menu, five course meals and buffet. As you unwind you can enjoy assorted wines, hard drinks, local and international beer brands.

Mombasa Safari Travel Logistics

Our 4×4 safari vehicles are customized for the ultimate safari experience. We have accessorized our safari vehiles with pop up roofs ideal for game viewing, hifi radio communication gadgets and comfortable seats. 

You will also enjoy the services of our experienced driver guides who have enormous knowledge on wildlife as well as different sceneries in the country.

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Mombasa Safari Packages

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