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Mount Kenya Expeditions

Mount Kenya Expeditions


Explore our Mount Kenya Expeditions and embark on climbing the second highest mountain in Africa. We have crafted hiking packages that ensure an adventure while trekking on different routes in an attempt to summit Lenana, Nelion & Batian peaks. Our team is ready and adventure awaits; you can join a group or undertake the hike solo in the company of our climbing crew.

Mount Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya. It straddles the equator and the entire mountain contour forms the Mt. Kenya National Park.

Our climbing expeditions are crafted for those who are not content to simply enjoy the view of the mountain from the foothills; it’s rather meant for thrill seekers willing to take the challenge of climbing the mountain to the top while enjoying various breathtaking vistas.

Scaling the mountain’s heights is a feat that takes plenty of perseverance and it’s important to undergo acclimatization before climbing the mountain to reduce the risk of altitude sickness.


The team at Kenya epic safaris is involved in every step of the planning, preparation and packing of our expeditions. Behind the scenes we take care of all the nighty grities to ensure a smooth ripple effect for the purpose of a successful mount Kenya climbing adventure.

Mountain guides & porters

Our mountain guides & porters are highly skilled on mountaineering and more importantly they possess years of experience on climbing mount Kenya. They are highly trained, certified, very knowledgeable and play a key role to a successful climb to the summit. Furthermore you will also enjoy the company of our professional guides & porters as you hike Mount Kenya.


Accommodation on the mountain varies on the route a climber chooses. There are permanently built mountain huts, bandas and designated camping sites managed by the Kenya wildlife service. Our guides have selected various hotels for overnight stays close to the base of the mountain to ensure acclimatization and above all avoid mountain sickness.

Meals & Drinks

As part of our team; we have a dedicated professional cook who prepares excellent, delicious and healthy meals. Our cook will ensure a diverse menu accommodating different tastes and appetites. The menu consists of high protein foods, carbs, vegetables and fruits. Equally important we cater for special dietary requirements with advance notice at no extra charge. You are advised to bring your favorite snacks / energy bars.

You only require bottled water on the first and last day however on the mountain we will boil water or add purifying tablets then filter using MSR water filtering pump before refilling in your water bottles every morning.


Our Mount Kenya expeditions normally begin in Nairobi. Travel from the city to the base of the mountain takes three to five hours depending on the hiking route. In addition the number of people, their budget and preference dictates the mode of transport. You can opt for shared shuttles, mini vans or jeeps.

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Mount Kenya Expedition Packages

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